ICS Sustainer Program

For something to thrive, we need to give it sustainence. ICS is no different. We would welcome your regular support for us to further our vision.

What is the ICS Sustainer Program

Sustainers are committed individuals who contribute what they can, on a regular basis. Their investment is critical to furthering ICS’s vision of fostering an inclusive community and supports programming rooted in our faith values.

How to become a ICS Sustainer


Step 1

Work out the amount you, your family, business or organization can afford to give on a monthly basis. Don’t forget this is also a ‘Tax Right Off’.

Step 2

Fill out the registration by clicking the link below. In addition, using PayPal, add either your bank details, credit card or debit card details. This makes life easy for us, and we don’t need additional administration to collect cash or checks, although  these are welcome too.

Step 2

As a ‘ICS Sustainer’ we would welcome you to meet regularly each quarter and organize around critical projects based on community priorities.

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